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Jul. 1st, 2017 10:33 pm
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You've tried to reach Michiko Malandro. And failed. Leave a message.


Jun. 17th, 2017 05:40 pm
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Player Name: Jenni
Are you 16 or older: Yes.
Contact:Plurk: sparklepire
Current Characters: J
Tag: Michiko Malandro

Name: Michiko Malandro
Canon: Michiko to Hatcin.
Canon Point: Episode 17. They've just gotten the fake passports for São Paraíso where Hiroshi is rumored to live.
Age: Wow, it's rude to ask lady's age! (It has never been said but she'd be around 30-35)


The events of this series takes place to a fictional country Diamandra that's very much like Brazil. Michiko Malandro was an orphan and spent her entire childhood in a orphanage that was involved in a child trafficking of sorts. With a mixed feelings of loathing and distrust Michiko left the place as soon as she could when she was in her late teens. She, just like many others from her friend group, got involved into the fight between two crime organizations: Fantasma and Monstro. Even though she was never really part of either group she made friends with Monstro and did few jobs for them. One time she went to threaten boss of Fantasma to let go of some Monstro members they were holding -- which ended up the members of Fantasma beating up Michiko and making her leave. Soon after that incident, two masked men broke into Michiko's hideout with guns, intending to kidnap the Fantasma's boss' sweetheart who owns the apartment. Without a much trouble Michiko managed to beat them, making the other man drop his weapon and other one run away. The man who Michiko had at gunpoint introduced himself as Hiroshi Morenos and explained that it was all a misunderstanding. Not too long after that meeting they both fell madly in love.

However, as the time went by the situation with Monstro and Fantasma grew more dangerous and lot of members from Monstro disappeared - only to be found dead afterwards. Hiroshi, who unlike Michiko was actually part of the said group, began to think about leaving and starting off a clean slate somewhere else. Michiko, who's hurt by the news, warned against it telling him that running away won't work. She also told him that there's no place where he can run that she can't find him. Despite her protest and very obvious hurt Hiroshi decided to go through with his plans and left and Michiko was soon after arrested for charges of destroying numerous properties related to the criminal organisations. Michiko of course denied it all but is still sentenced to life in a prison. Sometime after the boss of Fantasma was found dead and the blame was pinched on Michiko.

At first Michiko attempted to escape from prison but she was caught and beaten before getting too far. As she was walked back to her cell she overhears one of the prison guards watching news on TV. A bus had exploded and they were listing the names of the victims, one of them being Hiroshi Morenos. The news about Hiroshi's death plunged Michiko into despair, she lost her will power to fight and was depressed. But then, after two years into her imprisonment and news about Hiroshi's death Michiko saw a picture of a baby girl: Hana Morenos, who had exactly the same tattoo as Hiroshi. This gave Michiko a new hope and certainty that he was alive and began to form a plan. During next 10 years she kept trying to escape the prison until on the fourth time she succeeded. Right after getting out she headed to place were Hana was located to take her away with her. The foster home where Hana was living turned out to be both mentally and physically abusive and the kid agreed to leave with Michiko despite being afraid and distrusting towards the stranger. While on the run Michiko told Hana about her father and promised to protect her until they reunite with Hiroshi.

You know how you can divide people to those who shoot first and ask questions later and vice versa? Well, Michiko is more like shoot everything and don't ask shit. Overall, Michiko is brash, selfish and very violent. She's that kind of person who really does everything she wants, the way she wants without really thinking things through. Just in the first episode we're introduced to her by seeing her escape from highly secure island prison (this canon's version of Alcatraz), shoot down a helicopter, steal food from homeless old man, rob a bank by holding people in gunpoint, drive a motorbike inside through a church window and kind of kidnap a child (the child left with her from her free will so it's not that bad?).

Growing up in a poor orphanage without any real upbringing or raising has caused her to never really learn responsibility, making her pretty childish and a reckless adult. But what she lacks in the education she makes up for being resourceful and street smart. And what makes this all even more dangerous combination is that Michiko is also headstrong and stubborn like a bull who would literally go through a firewall to reach her goal, no matter what the cost might be. Though, it should really be said that she can be overly confident when it comes to her own abilities and she's ended up in lot of trouble in past and in the current and gotten plenty of bruises and broken bones because of it.

So, what is it that powers up this rash and crazy woman? Where does she get the energy and what is it that pushes her forward? Well, the answer is something as cliche as 'love.' 12 years ago when Michiko was younger and involved in fight between two mafias she met a man named Hiroshi Morenos and fell madly in love with him. Hiroshi was more or less her entire world as they built cloud castles together, Michiko was ready to do anything for him, but then she was arrested and send to inescapable prison. Only about a year after her arrest Michiko heard news about Hiroshi's death and lost all her will-power to fight and live, that is at least until she heard of news about his child being born, which was prove that he was in fact alive. Michiko's current goal is to find Hiroshi so that they can have their happy ending together. She travels through the entire country and searches every small lead and not caring that she's being hunted by both police and mafia. Because to her, there's no happiness without Hiroshi.

But Michiko also has a softer and shyer side to her, despite all the roughness. She might not show it very well but she's quite lonely. During her search for Hiroshi, Michiko meets a man who manages to dig out her more vulnerable scared side, making her come out her shell and show the hidden hurt that Hiroshi's disappearance has caused. They even have small affair and for a hot moment she even thinks about staying with him, briefly believing there could be happiness for her somewhere else. But eventually she abandons those thoughts, not because she found out that the man was married but because of Hatchin, the daughter of Hiroshi who she saved from abusive foster home. Because even though Michiko is irresponsible and seems to only think of herself she does understand that she's all that the kid has. In all of her decisions she makes during the series, no matter how insensible they might seem, she always thinks of Hatchin -- placing her needs over her own. They do argue and fight a lot together as both their stubborn personalities clashes easily. Reckless and carefree Michiko doesn't always understand the cynical small child and what goes through her head and vice versa. Troubled Hatchin actually often tries to push her away and has run off few times but Michiko never loses her trust in the kid and is always there for her no matter how bad their fight had been. She even came up with the nickname Hatchin when she was asked not to use name Hana as the kid heavily associated it with the physical and emotional abuse she went through at foster home. Of course, Michiko does feel empathy and compassion towards others even though she's bad at showing it. At one point she meets an erotic dancer, who really resembles Michiko herself, who wants to run away with her little sister from her boyfriend that's a local gang leader. She genuinely feels for her situation but end ups refusing help her get out even though they both know that without help she'll end up dead. It's a rough and hard decision for Michiko, one that she regrets, but again, the reason why she does it is because she can't risk being involved into something that could get her killed because of Hatchin.

Violent, stubborn, unpredictable and childish with a touch of gentleness and love. That's Michiko for you in a nutshell! She's a woman with a goal of happiness on her sight and there's no danger, threat too great or mountain too high for her to keep her from reaching her dream.

Setting: Michiko is, above anything else, a survivor. Thisavrou is going to be a challenge for her and it will take time for her to be okay with how things are but she'll manage. She's very resourceful and skilled and always gets to know her surroundings one way or another. She's not one to stay put and idle even in the most confusing or hopeless situations. There will be a rocky start and Michiko will most likely break things or commit some crimes here and there, steal stuff and and threaten people. However, once the dust has settled she'll be keen to go on missions and look for a way out. Or a way to bring Hatchin and Hiroshi to her.

- Michiko is skilled fighter and only few have been able to outmatch her. She's mostly self-taught and picked up things from streets while growing up which makes her very unpredictable. There's no belt too low for her or trick too dirty for her to try. Her good fighting skills also extend to excellent aim and use of firearms. She can drive a truck in middle of highway while shooting another car and dodging bullets.
- Strength!! Michiko doesn't look very buff or muscular but she's surprisingly strong. She can carry bunch of big weapons like no problem, steer a heavy motorcycle around the city and lift it to dangerous jumps, she even saves a man (and herself) from falling off a building by catching the rope between her teeth and starts pulling him up.
- Speaking of driving motorcycle: she's ridiculously talented driver and has taken her motorcycle on rooftops. Same applies to cars and boats.
- Agility. Michiko is flexible and very fast, which all works for her benefit when it comes to fighting. She can jump pretty high and long distance almost like a trained acrobatic.

- Badass fighting skills
-Tough as nail!
- Mad driving, as listed above
- Very active and resourceful!
- Pretty good alcohol & nicotine tolerance
- She's actually a decent cook.

- Sloppy and almost unreadable handwriting. Grammar is her worst enemy
- Lack of education overall
- Stubborn as bull! While this works as great motivator for her it also puts her into trouble and danger.
- Overly confident: Michiko doesn't think she's unbeatable but she still insist taking on battles that she can't win (this trait is pretty much tied into her stubbornness)
- As weird mix it might sound: impatience and laziness. Michiko often misses great detail about information given to her from being either too impatient to listen or too lazy to put more focus on it.
- Superstition. Michiko believes in magic and spirits. This isn't necessarily a negative trait but she's very easy to fool on this subject. If you tell her that some rock has magical spirits, she definitely believes it.


If not then;
her clothes (sun glasses, jacket, minishorts, high heels, underwear and flashy jewelry)
pack of cigarettes and lighter
picture of her and Hatchin
fake passport
cut page of newspaper with Hiroshi's picture
bag of change clothes
100 arcas (the currency used in her world.)

Network Sample:

[The video starts and shows Michiko standing in middle of a busy crowd facing the camera. She stands straight and strong, although there's something off with her posture. An awkward tension in her shoulders, hands nervously on her hips and eyes, despite the sunglasses, it's quite obvious that she is looking somewhere else than the camera, all imply that she'd rather be anywhere else than here. Guess someone's not used to being filmed.]

Ok! It's filming! Just do the thing. [Says another voice who's behind the camera. Michiko responds with lips curling downwards into a grimace, smacking her tongue in irritation.]

So umh. I'm looking for someone. Or someones, I guess. [She starts with a hesitation but her voice grows slowly more certain.] Has anyone seen Hiroshi? He's a really good looking guy! You'd remember him.

..I. think you need to give out more than that.
[ Says the camera man after brief silence which increases Michiko's agitation even more.]

What more is there?! [Michiko shouts and takes half of step towards the camera, making the man flinch. However, she calms down a bit and scratches her head while thinking.]

Well, um. I guess I could say he's a coward. Oh! He used to grow giant tomatoes under name Rock-something. Anyway, the other one I'm looking for is a kid. Ten years old and about this tall [She gestured on her waist.] A real smartass and surly kid with with serious face! Probably shouting at the injustice of world right now or something! They both look alike, though. Hiroshi and the kid. So it's easy to recognize them.

[Aaand after that she crosses her arms over her chest as a sign that she's finished. There's another silent break before the camera man coughs and starts speaking again:]

Er. So, there you have it folks! If you see this Hiroshi or his kid around, please tell that this lady is looking for them.

Prose/Action Sample:

What is this? TDM thread with all the typos


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